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What is Linsfort?

Linsfort humbly began in 2013, offering shared accommodation in and around the Bristol area for working professionals. Whilst this is still its main focus, Linsfort has since also branched into single lets and new builds across the country and has plans for short stay accommodation too.

"Linsfort looks to restore and preserve our property heritage across the country, for future generations to enjoy."

Richard Lloyd - Founder

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Who's behind Linsfort?

Richard Lloyd, founder of Linsfort, has developed the Linsfort portfolio through ethical, strategic thinking and strong communication.

A photo of Linsfort Living's shared space, focusing on soft furnishings

Eloy Criado, Manufacturing Engineer

If you're looking for a professional house share out of the city centre, then this is the place! Richard takes great care of the house and garden. I've never met a nicer or more professional landlord! After I told him I was struggling to sleep because my room was too bright, he immediately went and bought a blind and put it up.'